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How to Earn Your Red Wings

People generally fall into a few different camps when it comes to red wings. First, there are those who think it’s absolutely disgusting and would never consider it. Often these are men who are physically mature enough to have sex, but who lack the emotional development to accept menstruation as a normal, beautiful part of being a woman. You probably shouldn’t be having sex with someone like that in the first place.

Then there are those who love oral sex with a menstruating woman so much, it becomes a fetish. In lesbian relationships, this usually stems from a deep appreciation of the female body and the ritual of menstruation. Men who love eating bloody pussy have reported they like the way it looks, tastes and smells. This makes sense, since hormone and pheromone levels are increased during menstruation.

If the woman you’re about to go down on doesn’t warn you and you get a mouthful of blood unexpectedly, that would be considered rude in most circles. A warning is always in order, as it can be kind of alarming if you don’t know what’s going on.

There are plenty of good reasons to engage in cunnilingus during menstruation. Many women say they are more aroused when they are on their periods. And orgasm has been scientifically proven to relieve cramps. Men report that the blood connects them to an instinctual side of themselves, to their cave man roots of hunting and passionately devouring the kill. Grrrr...

If you want to earn your Red Wings, some practical considerations are in order. Most of these are oriented towards achieving ultimate pleasure, sans the mess.

1)      Consider bathing first. While some enjoy a pungent odor, menstrual blood does take on a very strong smell when exposed to air. As every woman knows, after few hours on the pad, you usually feel ready for a bath. Cleaning yourself beforehand is a good idea.

2)      Do it in the shower or bath. This will wash everything away and make it more enjoyable if you happen to be kind of skittish. Even though the blood will provide extra slipperiness, some lube may still be necessary if you are doing it in the water.

3)      Use towels. Blood can be tricky to remove from bedding and clothes, so put down some old towels before you get busy. If you do stain something, soak it in cold water with some hydrogen peroxide, then wash as usual.

4)      Try a tampon. Inserting a tampon before you go down on her will stop the flow and since she’ll be so aroused, its presence might even stimulate her. But hello! Do not forget to take it out before penetrating her.

5)      Or a diaphragm, or cervical cap. This works the same way as a tampon, by stopping the flow. Porn stars and strippers use these during performances.

6)      Lick only the clit. Position yourself parallel to her instead of facing her, and lick her clitoris from the top. (This 69-style position will also give her better access to your genitals.)

7)      Use a vibrator, or fingers. Both of these can accomplish the same thing as a tongue when applied correctly.

8)      Try anal. Although if you can’t stand the blood, or are really into cleanliness, you might have some issues with the booty. Remember that during the first few days of her flow, her bowels might be in an uproar. It’s therefore unwise to go the anal route while she’s having her “nasty period shits.”


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