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I used to know this guy, he called himself Bandit. He was really proud of his ability to turn girls out, so to speak. He had this one girl who called him constantly, and later I found out she was a lesbian. Bandit was the first guy she had ever been with. She went crazy over him. In addition to getting lesbians to like men, he also introduced a lot of women to anal sex. But his big thing was red wings. He loved it. He would tell me about eating girls out while they were on the rag, and hed get this fierce face, lips curled back, showing his teeth. Hed go, It makes me feel like an animal, raarrrr. And make these roaring noises.

If you are into the girl, it should not even be a passing thought, especially if she will kiss you while you are eating her and will suck the blood off of your cock. Its fun to watch the blood disappear as she is sucking and licking. If you are surprised, enjoy the surprise like any other. If you are warned beforehand and you decide its a good thing for her, then whats the problem? Its also a good time for some shower or tub foreplay so add that to the repertoire for extra fun.

If you can walk through mud, you can fuck with blood, I say. Yes, I have gone down on a girlfriend while she was on her period. It really didn't phase me. That may be because, as a lady, I'm used to dealing with my period and bodily fluids don't disgust me.

The first time I went down on my girlfriend when she was on the rag, I was a bit apprehensive, sure. Bela Lugosi, goth kids, Anne Rice, all of these things went through my mind. Would it be an absolute mess? What if it tasted bad? Would it turn me off?

Frankly, it was no big deal. She tasted just as good, if not better a little salty. She was beautiful and I wanted to make her feel good, and help her out with her cramps, too, ha ha!!! I've also been on the receiving end. Since I'm sexually uninhibited, again, I'm not phased. I don't worry if I "smell bad," or whether the person is interested. I simply let the person know that I'm on my period, and if his/her head ends up between my legs, apparently he/she doesn't care. Nice.

How to Earn Your Wings | History and Culture | Bumper Stickers

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